Desire To Improve

fuck you just looking . ask !   .gotta certin LUST for LIFE
so incredible , if i do say so myself .
sophomore college thing
ill NEVER fear nothing , except #GodFirstAlways .
dramatic & i express it well .
friends make my world turn
anything else you'll learn through my blog.

    RT @JERMs__: i think its so funny how everyone “tells it like it is” on Twitter. you are NOT about that life in person.

    ' phones convo's w. my BIOTCH @_belleR0SE »>

    ' workkkkkkk tomorrow , so gn world !

    ' box eaters ?

    ' strip sweater .

    ' yandy ( my puuuuuuud ) is ALWAYS the bait for these fights .

    RT @AboutAquarius: #Aquarians will be the last ones to judge you, feel free to be yourself around them

    *smiling* at Jeezy song ” all we do SMOKE & FUCK “

    “@JERMs__: GM :)”— morning gorgeous !

    ——- > “@charlieBiTEme_o: kelo know’s everything about drake !”

    ' boondocks >

    ' my tv just be starring at me , we only fucks w. each other in the am !

    RT @ShaniPotatoHead: I really wish they had thug motivation in college I would get an A lol

    RT @AboutAquarius: #Aquarians will blurt out the truth that you never knew about when they get angry

    ' your work is : bosset twerk team . NO LIFE !